Did You Know Facts Graphic Design Is All Around You?

From the logos on your favorite products to the billboards you pass on your daily commute, do you know graphic design plays an important role in our lives, business, & social media. In this blog, we’ll explore some fascinating facts about graphic design and how it impacts our world.

While the term “graphic design” is relatively new, the practice of using images and typography to convey messages has been around for centuries. From ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs to illuminated manuscripts in the Middle Ages, humans have always used visual communication to convey ideas.

Graphic Design Impacts Your Purchasing Decisions

Have you ever bought a product simply because you liked the packaging or the logo? That’s the power of graphic design. Companies invest heavily in branding and packaging design because they know it can make a significant impact on consumer purchasing decisions.

Did You Know Graphic Designers Use Color Psychology?

Color has a powerful impact on our emotions and behaviors, and graphic designers use this to their advantage. For example, blue is often used in corporate logos because it conveys trust and stability, while red is often used in fast-food logos because it creates a sense of urgency and excitement.

Graphic Design Is Everywhere

No matter where you look, you can see graphic design everywhere around you. Whether you are looking at a billboard near you or you are browsing through social media and interactive with an advertisment or post created by a business near you or your favourite company. No matter whether you look at the design online or offline, it can not be complete without graphic design.

Did You Know Graphic Design Has the Power to Change Minds?

Good graphic has the power to bring revolution and change the mind of the people. The example of this can be seen during the World War II and freedom struggles of various contries around the world where graphics were used to educate people or run propaganda in some cases. But no matter what is the purpose behind doing that, quality graphic has the capacity to change minds of people.

Graphic Designers Use a Range of Tools

The graphic design has changed a lot in all these years. Nowadays, tools for the graphic designers have also evolved with time. Instead of using pen and pencils or some colours in earlier times, graphic designers use tools like Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and more. Depending on what type of design they are creating, the tools also keep changing. Modern tools like Blender also give you the option to creat 3D designs and characters.

Did You Know Graphic Designing is a prospering and flourishing career?

Professionals who have a degree in graphic designing and who are in graphic designing industry are known as graphic designers.

Graphic Design Is a Team Work- Makes It Collaborative Process!

While most of the people believe that graphic designing is an individual task, it is actually a collaborative process. A graphic designer has to closely work with the clients, other writers, designers and professionals to meet the project requirement.

Graphic Designers Must Stay Updated With Technology!

Technology is a continually evolving process and hence graphic designers must brush up their skills with the changing times. They must ensure that they are equipped with the latest technology to create cutting edge designing that meets the client’s requirements.

Graphic Designing Is A Multi-Dimensional Field

It is not just about creating good and eye catching pictures. It is a vast field that combines design, psychology, art, marketing and much more to offer effective communication tactics and strategies. Therefore, to be a successful designer one must have skills and knowledge combined.

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