How to Solve Guardian Tales Platform Error 500?

Since its launch in 2020, Guardian Tales has been a superstar in the RPG gaming world. It’s available on platforms like Android App, iOS, and Nintendo. However, perfection in this world remains an unattainable ideal. And for Guardian Tales, the platform error 500 is the hurdle it hasn’t yet been able to cross.

Almost all players have experienced the guardian tales platform error 500, and if you ask those players how they felt when they ran into it, they won’t describe it any short of intolerable. This article will discuss the guardian tales platform error 500, its causes, and how it can be fixed.

The players of this game, while trying to access the game, more often than not encounter an error message stating “Platform Error 500 “. This error indicates a problem with the game’s server or communication between the player’s device and the server. It is a standard HTTP status code caused by server overload, maintenance, or poor internet connectivity.

Guardian tales platform error 500 usually prevents players from logging in, accessing certain features, or progressing through content. This error can cause frustration for the player and ruin the overall gaming experience. An application or a database server issue usually causes this error by preventing the game from fetching the required data or resources.

What Causes The Guardian Tales Platform Error 500?

Server Experiencing Excessive Load
This happens when multiple people are accessing the server at the same time. When the server gets overloaded, it becomes slow and unresponsive, causing the guardian tales platform error 500.

Poor Internet Service
A lousy network connection also causes the inability to load data properly, causing another issue.

App Server Issues
Hardware or software issues within the application server itself usually cause such errors.

Issues With The Database
If the database is corrupted or data is missing, the inability to access necessary resources or data may cause the guardian tales platform error 500.

Outdated Version
To improve overall performance and resolve bugs, developers often release updates. Make sure the version you are using is updated.

Device Incompatibility
Older, lower-end devices tend to be incompatible with such games. You need to ensure that your device meets the minimum system requirements.

guarding error 500

How to Fix Guardian Tales Platform Error 500?

Check Your Internet
You must check whether your internet is strong enough to support the game. If it is temporarily not working, you can restart your Wi-Fi router or wait until your internet gets back into action—a poor internet connection results in communication issues within the game.

Relaunch The Game
Sometimes a simple relaunch can eliminate the guardian tales platform error 500. Close the game, and re-open it.

Update Guardian Tales
Install the latest version to ensure that there are no bugs or problems with the game that might cause the Guardian Tales Platform Error 500. And regularly check for updates.

Clear/Delete Cache Files
In your device’s settings, select Guardian Tales in the app settings, and select Clear Data to eliminate all the cache data. Corruption or outdated files causing the Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 will get deleted along with the cache.

Server Maintenance
During server maintenance periods, errors are meant to occur. While the developers are fixing it, it’s best to wait till the maintenance is finished. Developers usually notify us when their servers are going under maintenance.

Re-install The Game
When updating doesn’t work out, re-install the game altogether. It usually ensures that the game’s latest version is installed this time.

Contact The Support Team
Contact the support staff of Guardian Tales if you need help with the above solutions. They can give you tailored solutions based on your device and other specifics. Players should be informed that they may occasionally be unable to resolve the guardian tales platform error 500 due to server-side problems or game-specific technological concerns. Under such circumstances, it’s essential to remain calm and wait for the developers to resolve the issue.


The Guardian Tales Platform Error 500 often occurs while playing the game. And while it ruins the gaming experience for many, it is imperative to be patient and let the developers fix the problem. You can restart your device, re-installing the game, deleting cache files, etc. And when that doesn’t help, contact the team’s support staff. We hope this guide helped you. Happy gaming!

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