Graphic Design is My Passion -20 Best Memes

Do you know a viral graphic designing memes. Memes are invent by incidents, short reels & videos, photos, quotes, tweets, & posts. In this world, there are a lot of creative people who create memes. Some memes go viral. Today we are talking about one such meme. The meme is known as “Graphic Design is my passion.” This meme was started on Tumblr when the “Yungterra” user posted a graphic post. The post had a cartoon frog with a cloudy grey sky background and poorly edited picture.

Yungterra had written a furious caption with this post. The caption was Graphic design is my passion. The graphic meme was viral soon and gave birth to thousands of memes. Every meme has a time duration, but this is gaining more popularity day by day.

original frog

The original graphic design meme frog with a cloudy, & rainy sky

This initial “graphic design is my passion” meme gave birth to all the memes. This meme is generated on the Tumblr platform by the Yungterra name of the user. It quickly gained massive popularity from then to now.

Dinosaur with Red Background

A dinosaur with dark red colour background and colourful font

This graphic meme shows a dinosaur, red background, colourful fonts, and fonts design. Although it looks weird, it attracts. It may be done with willingness or designed by an inexperienced graphic designer.

goat memes


It is one of the best graphic design memes. Someone put a goat in the mountains without using graphic design activity. Even the background is not removed from the goat’s picture. It could be done with a willingness to show the difference between poor and good graphic design.

the alien face

The Alien Face

Those graphic designers who have created this graphic design are my passion meme who want to play with a face. It is one of the favourite graphic design memes of students. They reacted to this meme in different words.

steve harvey meme

Steve Harvey

Here is no balance of lighting or color. The output is terrible, and it looks funny instead of excellent. The user has chosen the right word for this post “Unpassion.”

the rainbow cat

The Rainbow Cat

The cat image is put on a rainbow background. Even a graphic designer didn’t remove the white background of the cat image. This image also carried the same message, “graphic design is my passion”.

Expectation Good Work in Tough Deadlines

Expectation Good Work in Tough Deadlines

It is the best graphic design meme when a manager wants an awesome outcome within strict deadlines. It is very difficult for the graphic designer to give awesome work quickly. Graphic Designing is fully based on creativity, and good creativity takes time.

the frog is back

The Frog Is Back

The green frog meme is back with overlapping content. This time the background is different from the first one. The overlapping content attracts your eyes. It shows that the popularity of the frog meme is increasing daily.

around the corner

Around The Corner

The graphic design meme shows how people learn basic editing software & open their graphic designing company. Those Youngers who have a graphic design hobby want to open a little graphic designing company without gaining experience.

great advertisement

Great Advertisement

It is creativity for attracting people. Innovative graphic designers create something which is eye catchy and attracts people. This message also shows why graphic designers play an important role in the company from the brand awareness perspective.

you cant stop me

You Can’t Stop Me

The kid, a young person, & an inexperienced graphic designer made this graphic design my passion meme. However, this graphic meme makes us laugh. It was a trending meme featured in several media houses and publications.

word art

Word Art

In this word art meme, a graphic designer has used different font designs, sizes, and colours. This word art meme was popular, and it was in GIF. Professional graphic designers don’t use different font sizes, designs, & colours. This type of word art is used in school and fun activities.

The office (Michael Scott)

The office (Michael Scott)

The famous actor Michael Scott is used behind this meme. Every graphic designer faces this type of situation. Graphic designers work in many formats. But sometimes, clients ask for design files in Microsoft Word for editing. Maybe they don’t know design files wouldn’t be in Microsoft Word. That’s why Michael Scott pinched lips.

emoji guy

Emoji Guy

Someone tried to update & refresh the emoji icon. The Tumblr user shares this design. The user puts expression in the emoji and the hand gesture that gives a funny look.

Besides this, the original poster requested the tech giant Apple to hire him. So that they redesign and update the emojis most funnily.

Graphic Designers Perspectives

Graphic Designers Perspectives

The way of seeing things of graphic designers is different from others. Normal people see images and pictures, but graphic designers see spaces, & detailing of images & design.

Life Of The Graphic Designers

Life Of The Graphic Designers

The graphic design profession is exciting & popular. That’s why people make their different perspectives. The above image shows how different people think about the work of graphic designers.

Toy Story

Bad Graphic Design - Toy Story Cartoon

This meme is created on a Toy Story cartoon with Buzz Lightyear. People use such memes when they see something negative. In this case, the negative thing is bad graphic design.


Spongebob Meme

This meme is also popular in the series of graphic design is my passion. The series is so long. Someone put a SpongeBob picture in the cloudy sky like the original frog meme with a cloudy, & rainy sky.

Honest Review on Bad Graphic Design

Honest Review on Bad Graphic Design

A Viewer gave an honest review of the bad graphic design of the table. People couldn’t digest this graphic design. Professional and quality design don’t need to describe. People take ideas from designing at a glance. But in this table graphic design, the designer described all the things.

Variety Of Design Formats

Variety Of Design Formats

Every designer has a different way of doing work. Some designers save files with related names & some designers save files with unrelated names. The challenge creates when a client asks for a work file, and the designer cannot get the work file due to a weird and unrelated name.

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